Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mages Staff from Kingdom Hearts 2

What I consider to be my first successful papercraft design, the Mage's Staff from Kingdom Hearts 2
Download the PDO file here: Download

Description of the Mage's Staff:
The Mage's Staff's handle is black with a gold pommel and a white ring near the tip and base. The lower half of the staff's head is bent and blue and has a blue "collar" with white edges folded over it, resembling Donald’s sailor suit. The upper half sports a brown hat with a long, curled tip and a black, silver-buckled belt around it, similar to the hat of a classic Final Fantasy Black Mage. In Kingdom Hearts II, the Mage's Staff has a red pommel, grey rings on its handle, the blue sections are dark violet, and the hat is a slightly darker shade of brown.

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